Cecilia E. Todd


Cecilia E.Todd was born in England. Five years of art college and teacher training earned her a B.A. in Fine Art. She was also a member of The School Sisters of Notre Dame, entering the convent at sixteen and leaving when she was twenty nine.

Later she taught art in Canada, New York, and England while developing as a painter and exhibiting in many states and several countries. At forty five, she lost much of her eyesight, and while she dealt with her deep depression, she took four years of writing classes also earning a B.A. in psychology at the University of Washington. Eventually she started to paint and exhibit again and continued polishing her literary skills.

She has written several books which are buried in her closet and for the last few years she has again focused on her writing. Twelve and Three Quarters was started in 2009 and laid aside when the most significant person in her life appeared. The sudden presence of Roy Harsh with his lessons of unconditional love and profound awareness made the completion of this book possible.


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